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KPMG Is Holding a Live Facebook Chat on Branding Tonight

Personal branding, not the kind cows get with a hot poker on their round steak.

Here are the details:

How will YOU stand out? Branding yourself is a great way to discover things that make you who you are, develop key messages about your strengths and abilities, create a consistent look and voice, and market to employers the unique and wonderful brand called…YOU!

Join us this evening from 4:00PM – 5:00PM EST for a live Facebook chat focusing on BrandingU. We'll have three Campus Recruiters, Ayanna from the Philadelphia office, Megan from Chicago, and Kati from Columbus on hand to answer all of your questions. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Yes, BrandingU is a thing. You have to give KPMG credit for giving aspiring new hires a cheat sheet for getting in at the firm. After reading through their interview tips — which go so far as to tell candidates to look through their website to find out more about the firm and even link to the specific area they should look — there's really no way someone could screw that up. Oh, and don't forget to wear an interview-appropriate outfit!

I especially enjoyed this attire tip:

Always think about what message you want to send. If you have to stop and wonder, “Can I get away with this?” it’s probably not a good idea.

Well, I'm out. Who's down for this chat tonight?