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KPMG Australia Partner Pleaded Guilty to Stabbing a Dude with a Corkscrew Outside of a School

What’s with accountants stabbing people lately? First, we had the BDO Los Angeles guy who stabbed a hiker with a knife in California late last month. Now we have a KPMG Australia senior partner who used a corkscrew to stab a man putting up election campaign banners near a school.

A man who stabbed a Tony Abbott volunteer with a corkscrew as he was putting up campaign posters has been revealed as a senior partner at global tax firm KPMG.

Stavros Economides, also known as Steven, pleaded guilty to poking Jonathan Malota, 31, with the corkscrew after earlier threatening 18-year-old Rafe Harrison-Murray outside a Balgowlah Heights school.

Police say the 62-year-old confronted the men at about 8pm on May 17 and tore down posters the volunteers were putting up before running from the scene.

Here’s a video that was posted on Twitter allegedly showing Economides ripping down the campaign banners. NSFW due to language:

Stavros “Steven” Economides

Economides, who has worked at KPMG in Australia for nearly 40 years and a partner at the firm since 1987, according to his LinkedIn profile, was arrested within hours of the incident and charged with two counts of common assault, according to the Daily Mail.

He’s expected to be sentenced on July 4.

The man who was stabbed in the stomach was treated by paramedics at the scene and wasn’t hospitalized.

KPMG has yet to issue a statement regarding the senior partner’s attack and arrest.

Tony Abbott, who was Australia’s prime minister from 2013 to 2015, had served as a member of Parliament for Warringah since 1994. However, he lost the Sydney seat of Warringah to former Olympic skier Zali Steggall during the federal election on May 18, a day after Economides was arrested.