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Potential Firm-Jumper Wants To Know Just How Bad is KPMG Anyway?

Guys. Guys. GUYS. Clearly this joke has gone way too far, and this isn’t the first time someone has asked us this:

Hi GC and Happy Busy Season to all. I am currently starting my 4th busy season with D&T in an East Coast office and have recently been approached by KPMG about a senior associate role in their Accounting Advisory Services. Is there any substance to the argument that I will be “downgrading” firms and does that outweigh the fact that I will be “upgrading” my job. I also wanted to know if anyone on the site has any experience working at or with this group at KPMG.

Wait a second, am I reading this correctly? You’re starting busy season and more worried about whether or not KPMG is a legit firm than you are about the fact that you’re kind of a dick for even considering this right now?

That said, it’s always a good idea to base your entire life on the sarcastic comments from Internet trolls and bitter strangers with an opinion on everything. That’s how I’ve gotten how far as I have in life for sure.

As much as we poke fun at KPMG (in our defense, we try to be equal opportunity haters and will mock the other firms whenever possible, but lacking that, we fall back on the tired old “Big 3” joke), you don’t need us to tell you that KPMG really isn’t that bad. I mean, hey, they are better at audits than Grant Thornton riiiight?

Explain what you mean by “downgrading” firms, please, and I’m serious. Because it’s KPMG? LOLOLOL hahahahaha they suck, you’re a fool to consider leaving Deloitte for what you seem to feel could be a better job at a subpar firm, what kind of idiot are you?

In all seriousness, have you spoken to anyone at the firm? Do you get the sense they are heavily intoxicated by Kool-Aid and possibly tranquilizers?

Since it’s Monday and all, we’ll graciously allow you use of our comment section to get trolled for even asking this question. You’re welcome.