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Here’s Your Open Thread For the Third CPA Exam Score Release of Q2 2019

My, time flies when you’re mired in the misery of sitting for the CPA exam, don’t it?

Today, NASBA received and processed an absolute shitton of scores from the AICPA, making this another CPA exam score release on time without a hiccup. Well, no, surely there’s some poor candidate in Wyoming or something who didn’t get her score on time, but all things considered, the year is chugging right along without issue. Makes you feel a bit more confident they’ll be able to pull off continuous testing within the year, eh? Er, maybe let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

There’s just one more score release left for this quarter and then I’m happy to say you guys are half done with the year. For some of you I’m sure this is a relief, for still others I imagine the concept of time not ticking but sprinting away is terrifying. Terrifying enough for you to stop procrastinating and get to testing? It will be Christmas before you know it and no one wants to schedule for the second week in December, come on now. Actually no, that’s not true, everyone who also procrastinated wants to schedule in December, so better get on that now while you can.

Here’s hoping for good news, and if not, hey, there’s always next time.