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Accounting News Roundup | 05.06.15

Our editor is away for a couple more days so if you see something we missed, post it in Open Items or email us a link.

The New Bookkeeper Is a Robot [CFOJ]

52 Years and Counting: America’s Longest-Serving CEOs [WSJ]

Origins of Chinese Bond Default Buried in Accounting Footnotes [Bloomberg]

Grant Thornton settles into new office space [KCBJ]

The 40-Hour Work Week Is a Thing of the Past [At Work/WSJ]

BDO, RBSM Lead in Q1 SEC Audit Client Race [AT]

Millennials Cite Stagnant Pay as Top Reason for Quitting [CFO]

The Grim Political Realities of the Impending Revenue Recognition Standard [Accounting Onion]

Thought some people here might enjoy the mousepad my parents got me after passing my last CPA exam [r/accounting]