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Just FYI, Rothstein Kass Is Now Powered By Trust (and a Cell Phone Stand)

Apparently Rothstein Kass is boldly going where every accounting firm has gone before, kicking off a new age with a new logo, a new philosophy and a new mascot.

The firm-wide email makes its way into our tip box:

Today marks a new chapter in our firm’s history, and I’m thrilled to share it with you – the launch of our new Rothstein Kass brand. I hope you are excited to see and experience our new brand, and will embrace it as part of everything you do.

Well that sounds awesome (obvious take on another accounting firm's tagline aside)! Let's read further…

Our New Tagline and Logo
We asked our clients to describe their opinions of us, and this is what they said:

“There is just this palpable sense that everything is being taken care of.“

“I can honestly say, there is no unmet need.”

“They do what they do, so I can do what I do…I know they have my back.”

OK, I call bullshit. No client actually said that. Show me where a client actually said that. Maybe that third quote is an actual client quote but the rest of it? No freaking way.

So, trust. Is this trust dynamic? By putting all their eggs in the trust basket, is Rothstein Kass somehow implying that the other firms can't be trusted? I mean isn't trust at the very core of every client-firm relationship? If it isn't, the profession has a much bigger problem than we initially suspected.

Now, RK goes on to hammer home this trust thing — a little too hard, if you ask me, which makes me think of all the losers I dated in my 20s who spent way too much time and effort trying to convince me I could trust them so they could spend the rest of the time doing boneheaded, untrustworthy shit — and then launches the secret weapon. Wait for it, folks, wait for it.

Meet Trusty
By now, you’ve probably noticed a little something at your desk to help us commemorate this launch. But this is not just any cellphone stand – this is Trusty, and he’s been specially hand-picked for Rothstein Kass. Make sure you keep Trusty safe and close as we have plans for both of you, which we’ll share in the coming weeks.

That's right, the official representative of all this trustiness is… a cell phone stand? Make sure you keep him safe and close, all you trusty RKers out there. Creepy.

Our tipster did not include photographic evidence of this Trusty, if someone could please hook that up (you can trust us!), it would be appreciated.