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McGladrey Takes a Unique – If Annoying – Approach to Recruiting Talent

Considering interviewing with McGladrey? You might want to reconsider, lest your email inbox get blown up 2 years later. Or just hit the unsubscribe button the first time they follow up with you. Consider yourselves forewarned.

From the tip box:


I'd like to share with you the continued failure that McGladrey thrive to be. They manage to screw up even the most desperate of recruiting spam opportunities (or is it intentional?)

I received the following e-mail 16 times from their system in the past two hours, and only because I was naive enough to try and interview for them almost 2 years ago.

What was in this very important email that McGladrey felt compelled to send out no less than 16 times within two hours? Even the Cat Facts troll isn't that bad.

You are receiving this email because you have been added to the McGladrey Talent Community based on your previous interest in career opportunities with our firm.

By being a part of the McGladrey Talent Community, you are notified when great opportunities are available that match your interests and experience.

You will receive these messages once a week. You can modify and manage this frequency, as well as your interest areas, from within your Talent Community profile, by using the login below: [info redacted for privacy]

Just to prove how many times the email went out, we've got screenshots.

Keep it classy, McGladrey!