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Joe Francis Can’t Land an Attorney Thanks to the IRS, Says Joe Francis

Douche of the Last Decade Joe Francis is having trouble finding a lawyer in North Florida. No, it’s not due to his all around doucheness. And no, it’s not due to his inability to pay his previous attorney, Rick Bateman (who is suing him) $500k. It’s because he claims that the IRS has slapped levies on his hard earned drunk topless girl fortune.

A judge is set to enter a default judgment against J Fran for in a case where four women are suing him for taping them while they were underage. Since Fran can’t find counsel, he had to personally write a motion to request Judge Richard Smoak for leniency.

This is interesting not only because we didn’t know Joe could write but also because we thought the IRS had given up on old Joe after it was reported that his $30 million+ lien was reportedly dropped:

“My efforts to obtain new counsel have been hampered by levies upon my companies’ financial accounts by the Internal Revenue Service,” Francis wrote. “Prospective counsel that have agreed to entertain engagement as counsel in the case require large retainers which could not be facilitated in the time permitted by this Court’s Order of March 12, 2010.”

Joe is confident he’ll bag some representation before the June 10 deadline, saying that barring “unforeseen developments” (i.e. douchiness) he’ll no longer be forced to write words.

Joe Francis blames IRS for attorney-finding troubles [Panama City News Herald]

Joe Francis Continues to Get Hassled by the IRS

joe-francis2.jpgOh Joe Francis, why won’t you just take your Douche of the Decade trophy and ride off into the sunset?
Actually we know why. The IRS froze $22 million of Douche of D’s money because he still owes them $23 million for taxes owed in 2001, 2002, and 2003. J. Fran would not stand for such aggression and, being the savvy tax guy that he is, sued the Service to get access to his accounts. He concluded that the IRS was just bent out of shape that he got out of additional jail time.
The IRS claims that the real reason that they’re freezing DoD’s assets is that he tried moving the money offshore after his plea. And unless you’re Joe Francis, you know is not such best course of action these days.
IRS can freeze ‘Girls Gone Wild’ money [Don’t Mess With Taxes]

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Joe Francis to Declare Bankruptcy, Owes IRS $34 Million

Thumbnail image for Joe-Francis.jpgTragic news from the world of wholesome entertainment as Joe “Back to the business at hand of slapping women” Francis is allegedly going to declare bankruptcy tomorrow after receiving liens for nearly $34 mil.
Not such a good thing for Francis since he just hammered out a plea deal two months ago.
According to Tax Girl, that plea agreement, “requires him to resolve his outstanding tax issues. I mean, it is a resolution – but I’m guessing not so much what IRS had in mind.”
They certainly aren’t apologizing for this one.
Girls Gone Wild Founder To File Bankruptcy, Blames IRS [Tax Girl]
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Someone Had to Explain to Joe Francis that He Didn’t Have to Go Back to Jail

Thumbnail image for Joe-Francis.jpgJoe Francis was sentenced to time served late on Friday for his guilty plea on two counts of filing false tax returns and one count of bribing Nevada jail workers in exchange for food. He had spent a total of 301 days in prison.
Apparently this was such a surprising turn of events that when he was outside the courtroom Francis seemed unsure about what happened saying, “I think we won that one.” Authorities resisted taking advantage of Francis’ bewilderment and he was not escorted back to jail.
In addition to the time served, Francis received one year probation and was ordered to pay $250,000 in restitution. This allows Francis to get back to ‘the business at hand‘ which must involve assaulting Playboy Playmates and then claiming it was self-defense. Good to have you back, Joe.
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Joe Francis Can Now Get Back to ‘the Business at Hand’

Joe-Francis.jpgA judge has convinced ‘some brilliant legal minds’ and prosecutors with some slimy witnesses to reach a plea agreement in the Joe Francis tax case.
Francis’s original plan to argue that anything related to topless girls was obviously a ‘business expense’ was apparently too confusing for prosecutors to understand.
The defense attorneys also must have realized that Judge James Otero may have been on to something when he suggested that they settle before trial.
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Otero told prosecutors during a hearing earlier this summer that they should consider resolving the case before it went to trial. He had also questioned Francis’ ability to control himself in the courtroom during the trial, nearly sending him to jail when he learned that Francis had taunted a prosecutor.

Definitely a shocking revelation that Joe Francis wouldn’t be able to control himself, being the purveyor of class that he is. However, perhaps we judge to quickly as it sounds like he has grown through this whole ordeal, which included nearly a year in jail:

“The one thing I’ve learned about myself during this process is that I can be a difficult client, but they are a fantastic group of brilliant legal minds who recognized the truth when they saw it and had the passion to care about what happened to me,” Francis wrote in his statement.

The truth has been recognized, friends. We can all comfortably move on.
Plea deal ends ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder tax case [AP via TaxProf Blog]

SHOCKER: Joe Francis May Have Attracted Slimy Business People

Joe-Francis.jpgJoe Francis, perhaps thinking that his strategy to deduct anything related to topless girls might not pan out, is now claiming that he was the victim of three former executives who conspired to embezzle millions of dollars.
“Using shadow companies doing business…the men allegedly filed and then approved phony invoices they wrote themselves. The lawsuit also accuses [one former executive] of filing hundreds of thousands of dollars in false expense reports, for which he reimbursed himself through the company payroll.”
Hard to believe that a pillar of wholesome entertainment like Joe Francis would have attracted people that would take advantage of his lack of knowledge about internal control structures but maybe we don’t know the whole story.
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