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International Tax or Transfer Pricing?

Hi guys,

So i work at one of the big 4 professional services firms in the in Qatar, they hired me before i even graduated from the UK to work in International Tax ("ITS"), I've been doing ITS for the last 2.5 years as an associate, and this year I was finally hoping to get promoted. I can do my job and I do it pretty well.

For the last 7 months i've been working 50/50 between ITS and Transfer Pricing ("TP") becasue i was a little interested in TP and wanted to try it out. 

So my managers, have given me a choice of choosing between TP and ITS full-time, if they take me on in TP they will train me etc. but what it means is that I won't get promoted this year or probably next year because I am essentially learning a new trade (they haven't said i won't get promoted but that's what I imagine). 

If i choose to stick with ITS, then i likely won't get promoted this year and will next year, there's a delay in it happening this year for a personal reason if i stay in ITS. I'm finding it difficult to make a decision because i don't necessarily have an exit strategy if i leave the big 4, i know i would find a job if i wanted in ITS but i'm not sure what the prospects are like for TP outside of the big 4 and large banks.

Could an argument be made for a greater demand of TP professionals in light of BEPS over the coming 10-15 years? Also I have learned a lot in ITS could I still leverage my expeience in ITS later down my TP career if i chose it?

I'd be grateful for your thoughts.