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Internal Audit to Operations

I went right into Internal Audit after obtaining my CPA license. I should have gotten some public accounting experience in order to open up more opportunities, but I was stuck in a tiny city for reasons I won't go into and was not able to. 6 years into Internal Audit and I have mostly just done operational audits. I love it, but I'm getting very bored with it and there doesn't seem to be much room to grow. I have applied for accounting positions (entry level) in order to gain more experience as a CPA, but no one is biting. 

My question is, should/how do I make the jump to operations? I feel this is the only thing I am qualified to transition into that will leave room to grow. Anyone do this successfully? Any advice for a potential interview (ie. explaining to an operations manager why internal audit qualifies me to run a department?). Thanks for any direction…