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Footnotes: Pleading an 8th; The FBI Didn’t Even Look; Hacking Your Toilet | 06.11.14

Ex-Goldman director Gupta loses bid to stay out of prison [Reuters]

Pot activists in Colorado don't think they should self-incriminate themselves by paying pot taxes [TIME]

The managing partner at KPMG's Albuquerque office is stepping down [Albuquerque Journal]

Confidence Games – How The Most Prestigious Accounting Firms Raided The Treasury Did you miss that period when the most prestigious accounting firms in the country, PWC, EY, KPMG and BDO among them, were running criminal enterprises? [Forbes]

The SEC takes terrorism seriously [Audit Analytics]

Someone started spreading rumors that PwC has resigned as NQ Mobile's auditor: NQ's stock tanked accordingly [Seeking Alpha]

FBI Returns Taxpayer Information It Got From IRS Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, James Comey said FBI investigators didn't examine the database, which included private taxpayer information that isn't supposed to be shared without a judge's order. "The only thing that was done, (was) analysts looked at the table of contents,'' Mr. Comey said. [WSJ]

In the Internet of Things, even your toilet isn't safe from hackers [Bloomberg]

New rules for providing written tax advice are finalized [JofA]

DM asks the difficult questions "Is the lake pictured on every iPad secretly CURSED by the ghosts of disabled babies who were thrown into its waters because they wouldn't survive?" [Daily Mail]