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Avoiding Tax at Big 4

Hey GC,

I am currently finishing up my 3rd year of college and am anticipating to possibly finish early. I transferred to where I am currently at, and wasn't really planning on getting my CPA until I got here, and ended up completing some more accounting classes on top of my main major (Economics). I applied for B4 Tax and got internship offers from everywhere I applied, and accepted an offer. At the time, I was in a Corp Tax class and kind of liked it, and wasn't sure what my other options were. Now, after taking another Tax class, doing more accounting classes and drudging my way through a bunch of pain in the ass Economics classes, I don't think it is really what I want to do, and at this point even try to avoid getting my CPA in general. I am in California and the CPA requirements are truly a pain in the ass, and I feel I could've taken a way easier path to get a CPA. If push comes to shove, and I have no other options, then I'll go ahead and finish my requirements. 

My school is a a target for all the Big 4 service lines, and somewhat a target for the MBB Consulting firms/BB IB, but it's tough to break into those other fields given my background, where Big 4 doesn't really seem to care if I transferred.  

So what I am asking is how should I approach my interest in possibly switching service lines, and what other roles should I look at? If I receive an offer at the end of the internship, should I accept and go apply for other stuff, or try and leverage it into a different offer? I really want to put my Econ/Finance to use, and I am interested in getting an MBA down the line and making the switch to IB or something. 

Thanks for any help…I figured this would be a good place to get some input from people who wish they would have made different choices career wise.