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Indiana Tax Preparer Fires Lesbian Client Because Eww Lesbians or Something

An Indiana tax preparer is in the national news this week after refusing service to a long-time client once she discovered the client was — gasp! — a lesbian.

Bailey Brazzel has been using Nancy Fivecoate of Carter Tax Service in Russiaville, Indiana for five years but got a nasty surprise when she tried to make use of Nancy’s services this year only to be told that she and her new wife were not welcome. Bailey’s wife Samantha said Nancy cited religious beliefs in the service denial, stating that she believed marriage to be solely an issue between a man and a woman.

Now, I’m not a tax person by any means but can someone point me to the IRC section on same-sex marriage? As far as I’m aware, the union is allowable for tax purposes and that should be all that matters here.

After the Brazzels were turned away, they took to social media to warn other same sex couples to get thee behind me Nancy, and from there the local media picked up the story, which has led to national coverage. The incident has left the couple “shocked, upset, and kind of hurt,” they told the Washington Post.

In a statement to local outlet WTHR, Nancy wants it to be clear that she has no problem with gay people, rather when reasonable equality that is recognized by the IRS and the Supreme Court is extended to them like everyone else.

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019 I had a client with an appointment come in to have her taxes prepared. I have prepared her taxes for several years. This year she came in with her wife and I declined to prepare the taxes because of my religious beliefs. I am a Christian and I believe marriage is between one man and one woman. I was very respectful to them. I told them where I thought she might be able to get her taxes prepared.

For many years I have had several gay clients. I still have gay clients.

A few years ago I had a couple of gay clients that married. When it was time to prepare their taxes they called me and asked if I had a problem since they were married. I told them that as a Christian that I could not prepare their taxes. I thanked them for calling and wished them well.

“The LGBT want respect for their beliefs, which I give them. I did not say anything about their lifestyle. That is their choice. It is not my choice. Where is their respect for my beliefs?

“I am not trying to destroy them by dragging them through social media. Why are they trying to destroy my business? I have made no comment on social media. Where is their respect for me and my beliefs?”

OK, forgive me here but what the hell do your beliefs have to do with the revenue code? If defining marriage is so important to you, maybe find a line of work that doesn’t involve the possibility of doing work for people who offend your religious beliefs for tax purposes.

Apparently Nancy’s decision to deny the couple isn’t illegal in Indiana. Nor (unpopular opinion incoming alert) do I necessarily believe it should be. No, I think businesses should be able to put big ole American flag-striped signs on the side of their building that say “NO GAYS” so gays and allies know to give their hard-earned Federal Reserve Notes to other businesses who don’t give a shit onto whom’s junk the customer’s junk is rubbed in the privacy of their own home.

Any lesbian tax preparers out there in Indiana? Now is your time to shine. Meanwhile, opinions are welcome below.