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November 25, 2022

In Shocking News, Millennials Are Working Harder Because Their Coworkers Keep Quitting

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Feeling more burned out than usual these days? You’re not alone.

Fast Company reported earlier this week that as the Great Resignation rages on Millennial workers in particular are feeling the burn:

In 2022, most Millennials are in the peak of their careers, having amassed decision-making power in management and senior leadership roles. But as a result, when resources at work are strained, Millennials are shouldering much of the responsibility to ensure the organization meets its business objectives. In fact, since the start of the Great Resignation, 83% of Millennials globally have had to take on up to six new tasks outside of their job descriptions due to their coworkers resigning.

The Great Resignation is causing mass burnout amongst employees who are sticking it out, and until organizations find the right balance, exhaustion and exits will persist.

Let’s add that not only are those who left behind having to do more work, they’re also making less money than their former colleagues who quit and found new employment.

A few more bullet points from the FC piece:

Oh wait, that last one wasn’t a survey figure, just sort of an observation. Well they’re not wrong.

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  1. The CA/CPA is now being loaded on top of new graduates with a rapidly deteriorating workplace.
    Why bother? Especially when more lucrative areas [tech] are better.

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