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All It Took Was Vital Organ Failure and Sepsis to Motivate This Accountant to Start His Own Firm

Some of you people have aspirations to start your own firm one day. We think that's great and your career/life path will take many twists and turns on the way to becoming professionally independent. You may become at partner at your current firm. You may get fired several times for being "difficult." You may even get caught up in a scandal of one kind or another only to redeem yourself personally and professionally. Whatever your career path is, there will be motivating factors along the way. For Clive Maudsley, a Manchester-based tax accountant, a couple of near-death experiences was all he needed to give him that little push:

The 51-year-old, who lives in Manchester city centre, was struck down by a bug following a holiday in southern Africa in November 2010. On his return, he was rushed to Manchester Royal Infirmary after his kidneys and liver failed, and he was given 48 hours to live. Clive went home after six weeks in hospital, but was still too ill to return to work and quit his job at UHY in April last year. In June, Clive suffered another major health setback after an infection in his neck led to sepsis, and he had to undergo an emergency operation. […] While recovering Clive, who previously worked at Baker Tilly where he was a partner, started thinking about setting up his own business offering financial advice including fund-raising and business planning to large corporates and SMEs.
Anyone staring down the last 48 hours of your life and/or emergency surgery? You best start drawing up the business plan. You may not be as lucky as ol' Clive here.