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If No One Will Hire You, Maybe It’s Because Your Parents Aren’t Offering to Pay Them

Today's dose of lawyerly schadenfreude comes courtesy Above the Law, which is pretty much to Going Concern as watching Hoarders is for people who aren't the best at keeping up with housework:

Times are still desperate for recent law graduates looking for work. There’s no guarantee that you are going to get a good job… or any job.

One parent of a Millennial is doing what parents of Millenails [sic] often do: stepping in to soften the slings and arrows of their son’s outrageous fortune.

I can’t really fault the parent, but I’d be mortified if I were the son. Of course, the son might have thought more critically about his future before he went to law school in the first place…

The Craigslist ad:

Incentive to hire young lawyer (Orange County)

I will pay an incentive of 10% of his annual income to a Law firm that provides half time attorney work for my son who recently passed the California Bar examination. He graduated from an excellent Law School and his undergraduate degree is from UCLA. He passed the Bar in 2013 and is a member of the California Bar Association and the Orange County Bar Association. He has clerked in the Public Defender's Office, Family Law Offices, and Civil Rights Law offices. He is especially interested in Tax Law, Family Law, and Immigration Law but will accept any position. Resume on request.

MAN, that is awkward. Not only because of the payoff (is that considered a bribe?) but because this law school is so excellent the parents can't even name it. If it's so excellent, why didn't junior have a job ready upon graduation?

Hey kid, maybe parlay that interest in tax law into accounting, plenty of work to go around and I'm sure the firms would be happy to take that $5,500 off your parents' hands to get you out of their basement.