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Footnotes: Your Degree, Your Debt; Give Us a Break on Tax Breaks; Define “Anything” | 05.14.14

College grads in deeper debt than nongrads Breaking: student loans will bring you down [CNNMoney]

Officials in Spain are raiding tax delinquents' safe deposit boxes and finding some odd things [AT]

The Problem of Corporate Inversions: The Right and Wrong Approaches for Congress Citizens for Tax Justice totes has this one, guys [CTJ]

Tim Geithner's Profit-and-Loss Statement Tim Geithner offended almost everybody during the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath. The former U.S. Treasury secretary enraged liberals when he rescued the banks, then failed to stop them from paying bonuses. He angered conservatives when he backed new restrictions on bank activities in the Dodd-Frank Act. He disappointed other regulators by letting creditors of failing institutions off the hook, fearing that imposing losses would start global bank runs. [BV]

They're still working on extending tax breaks on the Hill [Don't Mess With Taxes]

“You Can Do Anything With a Law Degree” Last year, 11.2 percent of law school graduates were still unemployed nine months after graduation. If you really could do anything with a law degree, then those unemployed graduates would probably be doing something. Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate for recent college graduates was 10.9 percent. So, compared with other recent students, law school grads appear to have a leg down on the competition. [Salon]

The Supreme Court just made it so your vindictive ex can call 911 and claim you're drunk driving [The Atlantic]

Citigroup Says It Has Fired 12 in Mexico Over Fraud [DealBook]

Prank clowns exist and they are as horrifying as you'd expect them to be [Daily Mail]