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Footnotes: The Real Debt Ceiling; Discount Ding Dongs; Extraordinary Bosses | 02.11.14

Ed. note: forgive the late Footnotes, apparently the state of Virginia is preparing for a snow lockdown so therefore I had to stock up on beer, cat food, and Butterfingers before the end of the world arrives in the Old Dominion. Silly Old South-ians, always bugging out about a couple flakes. If I am incapcitated by whatever weather is to come, Colin is standing by to be your MC because he's just a good sport like that and neither of us want you all to feel like we've abandoned you, even if I'm huddled in a 55 degree loft with no lights and no heat with my cats. ~AG

House approves 'clean' debt ceiling extension [USA Today]

What's a trillion or so among friends? The new U.S. debt ceiling is $17.2 trillion, the Treasury Department said in a report today as members of Congress prepared to vote on a measure to suspend the restriction on the nation’s borrowing capacity. The limit was higher than the $16.7 trillion reported before it was suspended effective Oct. 17 through Feb. 7. The debt limit increased by the amount the Treasury borrowed during that period. About half of that debt was linked to restoring funds from so-called extraordinary measures the Treasury used to stay under the debt ceiling during last year’s impasse with Congress. [BBW]

10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Employees [Inc.]

Point that laser at the floor so your cat can catch it, not at airplanes. Are you stupid?!?! [LA Times]

Discount Ding Dongs, y'all! [Chicago Business Journal]

More Public Company Auditors Staying Put The Big Number: 35 That’s the number of auditor resignations at listed companies so far in 2014. More public company auditors are staying put in 2014. Just 35 auditors resigned their posts so far this year, representing about a 60% decrease from this time last year, according to data tracker Audit Analytics. The decline could reflect fewer auditor mergers and less contentious fee discussions between auditors and clients. [CFO Journal]

Michael Jackson Fans Sue for “Emotional Damage” Suffered From His Death and Somehow Win—About a Buck Fifty Each. [Slate]

The AICPA wants you to stay healthy, so here's a good smoothie recipe they pinned [Pinterest]