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ICYMI: Deloitte’s ‘Uncovering’ Study Uncovered More Than Bros Not Being Bros

Apparently the Life at Deloitte Twitter account has been busy tweeting other people's links to the Deloitte study we wrote about earlier this week, but of course no Going Concern love. We're going to assume this is due to our unruly comment section and not at all a reflection on our journalistic integrity or total lack thereof.

We especially thought it was fascinating that Life at Deloitte chose to call attention to the following article from

One black woman who was surveyed said she straightened her hair for work and wore weaves instead of her natural hair because she felt it was more acceptable.

One gay respondent said he wouldn’t wear certain outfits to work because he feared it was “too gay.”

More than half of the respondents admitted to hiding their affiliation; behaviors associated with their identity, culture, or group. For example, one Asian respondent said, “I try to stay away from work that is stereotypical of Asian[s], (i.e. math).”

The article does NOT explain which "certain outfits" are "too gay" so I'm just going to leave that to you all to imaginate.

Now, maybe LaD decided this take was better than our very literal interpretation of the press release which highlighted the straight white guys and not the minorities in its title (so racist, man, even the press release is anti-inclusion) even though the study itself found 94 percent of blacks, 91 percent women of color, 91 percent LGB (what, no T? How non-inclusive) and 80 percent of women respondents admitted to "covering" in the workplace.

If we're talking about diversity and inclusion, wouldn't it be slightly more appropriate to focus on the groups that do the most covering and not the straight white guys? Just sayin.