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Footnotes: Is the Tax Avoidance Party About to End?; FAF Far Past Due Date; The Path to Partner | 09.06.13

Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico is looking for audit managers in Tewksbury, Mass. [GCJ] 

Plan at G-20 Is to Tighten Global Rules on Taxes [NYT]

Creating a "Chainsaw" List of Excel Worksheet Functions [AWEB]

Schwidetzky: The 'John Edwards S Corp Tax Shelter': Is the IRS Winning the Battles But Losing the War? [TaxProf]
The IRS is losing the S corporation comp war? [Tax Update]
Man finds dead snake in 18-pack of Bud Light [NYDN]
The Financial Accounting Foundation Has Outlived Its Usefulness (As if it Ever Was) [Accounting Onion]
What Young Accountants Want to Know about the Path to Partner [AWEB]
This is the weirdest quarterly earnings report ever filed ”Look at our track record over the past 20 years—no mental degradation has occurred!” [Quartz]
Guy Tattoos Random Stranger's Face on His Ass for a Really Dumb Reason [Gawker]
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