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Layoff Watch ’23: Deloitte Makes Some Cuts in Risk & Financial Advisory (UPDATE)

Deloitte "if you just follow, you'll never lead" sheep billboard

Apparently a 3% reduction was announced in an RFA (Risk & Financial Advisory) all-hands call today (April 20). Saw only one mention of it on thelayoff and many, many on Reddit. Like this one on the Deloitte sub:

According RFA All Hands: 3% of RFA will be laid off, most of which will be in Commercial, between now and June
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In a panic, someone else asked if cuts are expected elsewhere and a total stranger on the internet assured them no.

No. That was an RFA specific call and they said 3% from RFA and 1.5% from firm wide.

Audit isn’t going to have layoffs and tax probably won’t either. So to get to 1.5% that means the major cuts are going to be from advisory and consulting.

Watch that utlilization and stay safe, kids.

Update: According to a FOX Business report, a Deloitte spokesperson said the firm’s U.S. businesses continue to experience strong client demand. “As growth in select practices moderates, we are taking modest personnel actions where necessary,” added Jonathan Gandal, managing director of Deloitte Services. The total number of jobs Deloitte plans to cut is around 1200.