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Students and Professionals Under Age 35 Are Invited to Take This Pipeline Survey

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Us olds are sitting this one out.

The Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS), in partnership with the Center for Accounting Transformation (the Center) and other stakeholders, has launched a survey to figure out why modern day accounting students and professionals are so uninterested in pursuing the CPA credential. ICPAS tackled the issue before in 2020’s A CPA Pipeline Report: Decoding the Decline but things have changed since then and young people who graduated into the pandemic may have unique perspectives. Or it will just be the same perspectives and the profession will have more data points echoing them. The new findings will be published and shared to bring awareness of, and renew focus on, the most relevant and effective strategies to promote the CPA credential and ensure its sustainability and relevance moving forward, said ICPAS in a press release.

They also said:

A key focus of this survey is to understand why a growing number of accounting students and young professionals in accounting and finance careers don’t finish the CPA exam or elect to never take it at all. Accounting and finance students and professionals under the age of 35, with and without the CPA credential, are encouraged to complete the survey. The organizing partners also encourage all accounting and finance professionals to share the survey link with those they know in the target audience.

The responses are anticipated to reveal recent trends and key issues that will arm CPA profession leaders and stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the current perceptions of the profession, the decision-making process regarding pursuing or not pursuing the CPA credential, and the perceived value and relevance it holds today.

“The profession is aligning on the approaches necessary to help stem the tide and ultimately reverse the negative CPA talent pipeline trend we’re collectively facing,” says Geoffrey Brown, CAE, ICPAS president and CEO. “While there’s more research than ever on this topic, interest continues to be high in learning more about the perceived barriers deterring prospective CPAs from ever pursuing the credential. A lot has happened in the three years since our last survey was issued, which is why we were compelled to partner with influential stakeholders across the country to garner a fresh look.”

Survey here, it takes about 10 minutes to complete and you have until December 15, 2023 to do so.

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  1. What a joke. Everyone knows compensation is the issue. Stop trying to find straw men to knock down while ignoring the actual problem. Stop wasting my dues on this nonsense and tell firms to pony up so staff actually want to do accounting.

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