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I See What You Did There: The Latest Changes on Going Concern

Well, if it isn't another mopey March Monday in busy season. If your life has been feeling especially drab lately, maybe you can take the time to appreciate some subtle changes that we've made around we rolled out on Friday. Last time we tried this, there were a lot of comments and we took some of your feedback into consideration, although Adrienne and I are still firmly engrained here.

Just a few of the new features I'll point out: 

  • Tip box – For those of you that have never gotten over the fear of emailing us tips without being tracked by some imaginary Internet boogeyman, our new tip box near the top and right of the site is your new option. It's as simple as typing in your constructive quip, gossip, career conundrum, or other interesting info and hitting the "Send tip" button. Just know that you won't get a reply from us unless you include your email address in the message. 
  • Social Media Buttons – We've included some social media integration on the front page of the site so that you can spam your Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, LinkedIn Connections, G+ Circles, etc. etc. with all the accounting gossip they can handle. The green button on the left drops down into several other options including StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Instapaper, and Reddit. And of course, if good ol' fashioned email is more your speed, then you can use that too.
  • Most Read Stories – The three most popular stories for the past week still appear on the right side of the site but now you can hit the "Show More" button to reveal four more popular stories so you can see what you missed while actually billing clients.

You've also probably noticed some minor aesthetic changes that we won't get into here, but don't worry, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. They're there. 

So now comes your favorite part of the show, the chance for you to give us some feedback. The good, the bad, the purple. We're always looking for ways to improve the site so you may now bestow all your design, chromatic, and journalistic expertise upon us. We're listening.