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How soon is too soon to switch firms?

I joined a B4 firm as an experienced associate last year after spending about two years at a regional firm prior to that. During that year, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I won't be spending more than another year or two here, at this office at least. There is not a lot of work to go around the office, and me and the other staff have had days where we've just sat around and surfed the web for days at a time (which is great for a bit, until you have partners jumping down your throat for chargeable hours). In fact, there's so little work for our local office that we tend to loan our staff to other offices. My mentor/manager also isn't the best because he doesn't seem to care much about talking about career progression, so I'm afraid that if and when the time comes to get promoted (like later this year for senior and three years down the road for manager), I won't have a very strong advocate on my side.

I recently got a call from a recruiter for another B4 firm to join as a senior in a specialty tax group since I have 3 years of core fed tax experience under my belt, and will be scheduling an interview shortly. It's in an area I'd really like to get into, and have been slowly transitioning into at my current firm, but I'm not sure if leaving a job after a year would be a good move. This other firm is also the largest in my area, and I'd be going from a pretty small B4 department with not a whole lot of work to the largest in the area with likely more than enough work to go around. Assuming I'm offered the position, should I take it even though I've only been in my current position for a year?