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Grover Norquist Probably Didn’t Trip Balls at Burning Man But Plans to Return Anyway

"There's no mayor, no city council… If you leave people alone, they'll figure it out. You don't need the king to tell everybody what to do," said the man known for his no-tax pledge. But the question you might be asking yourself: What does Burning Man think of Norquist? There was certainly controversy surrounding the conservative's appearance at the event. Ahead of Norquist's trip, Vice's Tom Berman wrote, "I hope you chance upon some synthetic psychedelics. I hope you wind up lying on your back in the dust, eating peanut butter with a spoon…" and it gets worse from there. But we can tell you, Norquist did pretty well once on the ground. When asked if he was coming back, Norquist responded, "Oh, absolutely." [Fusion]