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How much can potential employers find out about your Big 4 experience?

Manager @ PwC, have met with recruiters and about to start interviewing with hedge funds. Recruiters ask me some basic questions about my Big 4 experience, like salary, rating, etc, and there are a few things I'm concerned about:

I was a 1 this past year (promotion year), but historically have been a 2 or 3. They asked about current rating so I said I was a 1. Can they find out what I was rated in previous years?

I transferred groups as a 2nd year associate, but haven't brought it up since not really relevant anymore. Should I disclose this? 

Finally, they asked about my salary history, which I just estimated. Probably off by a few hundred bucks or a thousand here and there. Especially when it comes to spot bonuses. Should I look it up and call the recruiter back with exact figures? I know exactly what my salary is this year and last year, but going back before that it gets fuzzy.

I could totally be overreacting, just don't want to come off as trying to mislead anyone. Thanks.