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September 28, 2023


GC Is Looking for New Writers If You Think You’re Bitter and Punny Enough

Before I get to the important bit, I want to make it known that we've always been open to new writers. Sometimes we get lucky and someone like Greg Kyte manages to find time in his busy schedule to bless us with an article. Sometimes we get a stupid idea like running a new talent […]

Housekeeping: Ch-ch-changes, Material Ones At That!

Greetings, capital market servants. How's your Thursday? Good? Great. It may have come to your attention, on Twitter or elsewhere, that our resident tattooed wench has been elevated to the position of Managing Editor of this here site. And it's true! After years of working 2-hour days and filling in for me during my infrequent […]

Help Us Out By Taking the Going Concern Reader Insight Survey

TPTB, in their never-ending quest for world domination, ask that you fill out this year's Going Concern Reader Insight Survey so that we may learn a little bit about you all. I've been assured that it's perfectly harmless and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this here site, then you'll have […]

Housekeeping: The Hunt for a New Going Concern Freelancer Goes On

I suppose you've been wondering what we decided after the final round of Bob Loblaw vs. Lee St. Mark vs. Andrew Roberts. Well, I'll tell you – nothing. Adrienne and I discussed it for about ten seconds and it was obvious to us that no one was a good fit. Yep, it was clear that […]

A Word About Commenting While Driving: Don’t

We've had many discussions about being responsible commenters on this site. And by responsible I mean, "be insightful or funny or, preferably both."  Most of you attempt to adhere to our guidelines and if you don't, Adrienne puts you in the corner. Pretty simple. What we haven't discussed is responsibility about where you are making […]

A Little Housekeeping

Good morning capital market servants. Pleasant Thursday, no? At least it’s natural disaster free, amiright? Oh, right. Irene. Nevermind.

You may have noticed a little warning from your browsers this morning concerning GC having a little malware. Google sent us a little heads up earlier this morning confirming the issue, so it’s just not you! They have various theories behind this including the site being “compromised” (I think that’s a nice way of saying “hacked”) but Adrienne is convinced that I brought something back from the red light district.

ANYWAY, right now all theories are on the table for investigation but I assure you, our team of tech-savvy youth are on the case as we…er…speak. The Internet is a crazy place so things like this are bound to happen once in a full moon on 11/11/11, so we ask that everyone please bear with us while we sort things out. We’ll keep you updated as things progress.

Thanks for your continued support of Going Concern.

UPDATE: Due to our difficulties, we’ll be skipping the Daily Grind today, so sorry if that’s the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning. We’ll also refrain from posting until the issues have been fixed. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter where we’ll be wreaking havoc and giving you updates.

A Little Housekeeping

Afternoon capital market servants. Your regularly scheduled inflammatory nonsense is being interrupted for the rest of the day due to some technical maintenance that I won’t even begin to try and get into. The site should be available during this time and we should be back to a full slate tomorrow but you know how these things go.

We’ll still be here sweating everything out so let us know if anything goes down and we’ll get to it just as soon as we get the all-clear.

In the meantime, Klynveldians can leave some feedback and Deloittians can dust off their résumés. And for the love of everything good and holy, would kill someone at E&Y to make something interesting happen?

A Little Housekeeping

Your cubicle isn’t the only place it’s busy season. We’ve been working hard to make your GoingConcern experience as streamlined as an ez401K, an effort we revealed today with a move to the popular Wordpress platform from our old Movable Type framework, a few design changes, a brand new comment system, and — yes, we admit — even a bit of downtime!

We realize that change can be scary, but we encourage you to tell us what you think in our new, more flexible comment system, which will allow you to sign in with your Twitter, Facebook, or OpenID accounts and make your voice heard loud and clear across the internet. We encourage you to give it a go — and of course sign up to follow GoingConcern on Twitter, become one of our fans on Facebook, or sign up for our e-mail newsletter.

On top of that, the choir of voices harmonizing on GoingConcern will be growing. You’ll be getting more frequent posts from the likes of The JDA and Francine; plus, we’re teaming with the gang at CFOZone for more corporate finance insight and analysis.

We’ll also be looking to interview more of you, dear readers, to hear more about what’s on your mind. If you or someone you know will make a good subject, or if you just want to play editorial director and let us know what we should be covering, just drop us an email at [email protected].