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The Fire Is Really the Most Engaging Part of McGladrey’s Fireside Chat

You can sort of tell this is not going to end well as soon as the camera pans out and you spot Bloomberg Senior Economist Joe Brusuelas' white socks. It all goes downhill from there.

In this chaming fireside chat with McGladrey's Joe Adams and McGladrey client Shurtape Technologies CFO Don Pomeroy, Joe reminds us just how Midwestern he is and how dedicated McGladrey is to keeping its finger on the pulse of the economy. Or something. Mostly it's just a lot of awkward fidgeting.

What's odd is that this video — posted by the McGladreyNews YouTube channel — is unlisted, meaning I'm a jerk for somehow finding it and then sharing it here because McG clearly doesn't want this shared. Don't believe me? Look:

Maybe because Joe Adams calls it "the Asia" at 8:25?

Anyway, I thought twice about it and obviously decided to share it anyway. Sorry, guys, had to.