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Here’s Your Open Thread for PwC Compensation Discussions (2013)

Historically, the PwC thread has been the first to hit the pages of GC and this year is no different. There was rumbling in our new feature, Open Items, on Friday that the webcast was nothing to write home about and then, very early this morning, we got word of discussions starting out west:
PwC total rewards discussions start in San Francisco today (and I assume in all other offices).  Lets get a compensation post going!!
Okay! [eye roll, finger twirl] 
We actually started asking around last week about the early rumors and one source was optimistic that top performers would be rewarded:
I've heard some rumblings that raises are going to be slightly above last year – nothing official yet. I am guessing this is only for high performers but I know one individual who is being promoted talked with his Partner who said his raise should be "pretty good" and I don't believe he is a 1 – maybe a 2 (out of 5). 
If you weren't able (or willing) to follow the ramblings of the person communicating your performance evaluation and rewards, don't forget to refer to the confidential guide to the firm's performance review process that we scooped last year. That should help clarify anything you don't understand. 
And again, like last year, we'll offer the same suggestion should you not receive the news you wanted to hear:  

Best wishes, mini-BoMos.

UPDATE: At the request of guestie, we'll remind everyone participating in the discussion to share enough pertinent details to give your information context. For example, saying "Midwest (not Chicago), 12%" isn't helpful. AT ALL.

City (listing your region is not informative), service line, current level/title, if you were promoted, bonus if applicable, and yes, the amount of your raise. Also, if you feel compelled to state how you feel about any of those things — Constanza impression or otherwise — please do so.