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Here’s Your Open Thread for Grant Thornton Compensation Discussions (2013)

Last month we put out the GT comp fluffer post and with raises effective on August 1st, I suppose it's about time we gave the dynamic tattooed masses the thread they've been waiting for.
We started asking around last week about expectations at Chez Chipman and despite the optimism we saw from our previous tipster, another source we spoke to did not share the enthusiasm:
Expectations are very low. I work in NYC and word on the street is that the Northeast Region badly missed its revenue targets and as a result, it will negatively impact our raises and bonuses. We are also expecting leadership changes (We have already had a mass exodus at the senior and manager levels) and "scheduling decisions have been put on hold for the next month."  So the next few weeks will be really interesting.
If this is a widely held attitude, then I imagine there are a lot people plotting a march in. 

Vaya con Dios, GT dynamos.

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