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Here’s Your Open Thread For the Second CPA Exam Score Release of Q1 2020

You know, my colleagues and I had a discussion last year right around the time continuous testing was announced whether or not we should keep posting these open threads. I mean … surely everyone is on Twitter, aren’t they? That or obsessively refreshing their score. I mean look, there’s someone on Reddit who likely won’t get their score until March and they just can’t help themselves as if “NASBA Claus” is going to give them an early present. Relax, you’ll get your score when you get it.

We decided to keep cranking these out anyway if for no other reason than to continue applauding NASBA and the AICPA for sticking to their target score release dates, which is far more than I can say for my ability to meet deadlines. Good for y’all.

Alright, so moving right along, as promised the second CPA exam score release of 2020 is here and right on time.

Aww, they added a little paper and pen graphic. Ironic, since they took scratch paper away from the CPA exam years ago.

We’re just about halfway there, kids. Here are your remaining target score release dates for this quarter.

Testing Window: January 1 – March 10 (20Q1)

Hang in there just a few more days, anxious Reddit OP who can’t stop refreshing even though your score isn’t due until March 10. We have no reason to believe you’ll have to wait any longer than that, so chill. At this point, it’s Schrödinger’s CPA exam score anyway, you sure you even want to open the box?