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Here’s Your Open Thread for the First CPA Exam Score Release of Q3

Pocket Watch in sand

As most of you know, the CPA exam changed up in April of this year, and as such, the scoring gnomes need a little extra time to calculate those 75s for the remainder of this year. If, by chance, you are one of the few who is actually impacted by the new rolling schedule (versus someone who simply failed to plan accordingly) and may have issues with your 18-month window, hit up NASBA and they may be willing to have mercy on your wretched soul.

You should be familiar with this chart by now, seeing it in your dreams at night, burned into your retinas when you awake in a cold sweat after a nightmare about sitting butt naked at Prometric, but just in case, here ya go:

CPA exam Q3 score release

Feel free to let us know what you’re doing while waiting for your score, or pick a fight with us on Twitter if you need a good distraction. Good luck, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Here’s Your Open Thread for the First CPA Exam Score Release of Q3

  1. If you have issues with the 18 month window contact your State Board of Accountancy. NASBA cannot help / authorize an extension.

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