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Our Live CPA Exam Chat Is Now Taking Your Questions About Studying, Prometric Etiquette, and Whatever Else You Got

Our resident CPA oracle, Adrienne Gonzalez is now fielding questions over at the original post that you see under "Upcoming Events." If you've never used CoverItLive, it's pretty self-explanatory — no registration is necessary and it functions similar to gchat or any other chat device. If you're incapable of figuring this out, email us and we'll try to set you straight.

ANYWAY, if you're a CPA candidate trying balance work and busy season, juggling needy loved ones, concerned about a severe case of restless leg syndrome or anything else that may make your CPA experience anything but smooth, I suggest you pay her visit to get some answers.

Just be sure mind your P&Qs; she isn't one for rudeness.