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Here’s Your Open Thread for EY Compensation Discussions (2015)

There's been a steady stream of tips coming in for the last week about EY comp discussions starting today and we understand that people are anxious.

Here's how one tipster put it:

PBBs are being communicated by counselors now and pay out will be in 8/31 pay period. I'm bored as f*** could use a chuckle- can we get this thread started?

This is only the second Big 4 firm for comp season 2015, so I'm sure the Deloitte and KPMG overlords appreciate another benchmark to work with. 

As for EY specifically, the only comp teaser on the Black and Yellow was late last month, when rumors swirled of unachievable superior rankings for new associates. Hopefully cooler heads have prevailed since then.

To appease some of our more fastidious commenters, when you're discussing your info, please cover the following:

  •     City (region is not informative) & Line of Service
  •     Promotion (if applicable) & Rating
  •     % Raise
  •     % Bonus (if any)
  •     Optional: Old & New Base

Your patience has been appreciated. Best of luck, Weinberger-wannabes.