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Here’s Your CPA Exam Score Release Timeline For Q3 and Q4 2012

If 2012 is the first year you've had the pleasure of taking the CPA exam, you probably have no idea just how torturous waiting for your scores used to be. You'd either refresh on your state board's website incessantly for several weeks or stalk the CPA exam forums hoping some almost-accurate psychic would know the very day NASBA would start blasting out scores. By the end of it, you'd have chewed your fingernails down to the quick, individually pulled out every hair in your head and alienated yourself from every one of your friends. But hey, at least you got your score…eventually.

As they announced major improvements to the exam in 2010, the AICPA swore more prompt score releases would be high on their to-do list and so far, they have exceeded expectations. BEC still lags behind a bit due to written communications but other than that, everything seems to have worked according to plan; the feedback I've gotten from most of you is that you're pretty happy with how quickly scores turn around these days. Consider yourselves lucky, new candidates, the only torture you'll experience is the exam itself, not the waterboarding of waiting weeks or months for scores.

In an ongoing effort to get CPA exam candidates their scores as quickly as possible, the AICPA will aim for the following score release timeline for the final two quarters of 2012:

Remember, if you're taking BEC, you can expect to wait an extra week or so on top of this to receive your score, otherwise this timetable has proven to be pretty reliable so plan your life (or lack thereof) accordingly.

Now get back to studying!