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Transfer Pricing Career?

Hey GC,

Anyone in the Transfer Pricing group at any of the Big 4? There has been a lot of pull to get me into this group from their partners and managers. 

There has been some good discussion on here recently regarding the more specialized both inside and outside the Big 4, so I figured this is a good time to ask this. I have my CPA requirements done (haven't passed everything yet) but really not wanting a lifetime career in accounting, or even TP, but I'm interested in the quantative aspect of TP that fits my background. I'm thinking about an MBA down the line, or even a JD because I like the structuring work and the complex issues that is hard to get just doing vanilla Big 4 work. The group is small and a lot of the work/clients I've seen was complex and for big name companies.

What are the  career prospects like if you stay in Transfer Pricing? Salary, growth, partner potential? How does it look to the outside world? Or if I start here, am I going to be stuck here?