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Accounting News Roundup: Ineffective FP&A; David Foster Wallace’s Love Affair With Tax Law; Compensation Rises for Management Accountants | 03.20.15

PwC eyes deal with cloud platform [Economia]
The firm resigned as auditor of Rosslyn Analytics who released a statement saying, "it had commenced discussions with PwC over a potential joint business arrangement." Grant Thornton is the new auditor.

RBS Analyst Says Dispute Over Report Led to Mental-Health Issues [Bloomberg]
Aaron Rich claims he suffered mental distress, "after his bosses tried to stop him from revealing that a client allegedly falsified a cash-flow statement."

Why Is Financial Planning and Analysis Falling Flat? [CFO]
Only 40% of CFOs "from very large organizations" surveyed rated their FP&A as effective.

IMA: Total Compensation Up 7.1 Percent in 2014 for US Management Accountants [AWEB]
Median total comp went from $105.5k to $113k, according to the IMA. 

Or potentially fatal driving conditions.

For all of you who will dispense disappointing merit increase news this year.

Tax Advice From David Foster Wallace [Bloomberg]
“Tax law is like the world’s biggest game of chess with all sorts of weird conundrums about ethics and civics and the consent of the governed built in. For me it’s a bit like math: I have no talent for it but find it still erotically interesting.”