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Here Are the New York State CPA Exam Results You’ve Been Waiting For

Because you guys can never seem to get enough of pulling it out and comparing your schools' CPA exam performance, let's just move right along through the 2011 NASBA Candidate Performance book and take a look at how New York schools performed on the CPA exam last year.

As always, these numbers include both first time and repeat exams.

Here's your top ten:

  • Columbia University 78.6%
  • Vassar 72.7%
  • Cornell 71.4%
  • Houghton College 70%
  • Elmira College 68%
  • Nazareth College Rochester 65%
  • University of Rochester 63.8%
  • Union College 63.6%
  • SUNY Buffalo 58.6% (note: there are two listings in the book for SUNY Buffalo, one with a 54.3% pass rate – anyone know why there are two entries?)
  • NYU 58%

Shock that Columbia topped the list again this year.

Of the CUNY campuses (none of which made the top ten, obviously), Baruch did the best at 43.2% and once again Medgar Evers did the worst at 11.1%, which is still an improvement from their 8.3% last year.

Schools with the worst performance on the exam were Mount Saint Mary College (5.3%), Monroe College (6.9%), CUNY Medgar Evers, CUNY York (16%) and Berkeley College (18.4%).

A few fun facts: of Columbia grads who sat for the CPA exam for the first time in 2011, 100% of the 9 BEC exams taken were passed. Compare that with Berkeley, whose grads failed all 5 AUD exams, all 4 BEC exams AND all 4 FAR exams – they did, however, manage to pass 17% of the 6 REG exams they sat for. Ouch. Note these are first time exams.

Baruch sent the highest number of candidates by a long shot (I am not surprised, is anyone else?) at 873. By comparison, the next largest number of candidates sent to take the exam came from CUNY Queens at 326.

If your school didn't make the list and you're dying to find out how you did, get in touch and I'll get you those numbers. I'll do my best to do so promptly but keep in mind I'm moving and try to have a life so don't hold your breath or anything.