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2011 CPA exam

Here Are the New York State CPA Exam Results You’ve Been Waiting For

Because you guys can never seem to get enough of pulling it out and comparing your schools' CPA exam performance, let's just move right along through the 2011 NASBA Candidate Performance book and take a look at how New York schools performed on the CPA exam last year. As always, these numbers include both first […]

Somehow, They Figured Out 2011 Elijah Watt Sells Winners Already

Wait just one second… didn't they just announce the Elijah Watt Sells Award winners for 2010? I guess the AICPA wasn't kidding when they said the 2011 exam would be graded faster than ever. Somehow, we've got 2011 Elijah Watt Sells winners in record time. Here they are for your shaming. Of 90,000 candidates who took the […]

The CPA Exam Stats You’ve Been Waiting For: The Best-Performing Accounting Programs of 2011

Because the 2011 NASBA Candidate Performance book is a significant improvement over previous versions, we've got some new data to share and it's pretty exciting. Now, the following stats cover first-time exams across all programs (we'll explain program size in a moment). SHOCK, Wake Forest is #1 yet again. The actual shocking part here is […]

Generally Speaking, Men Performed Better Than Women on the CPA Exam in 2011

This little bit from the 2011 NASBA Candidate Performance book was so interesting that I couldn't help but include it among our stats posts this year – mostly because I was surprised by the data. According to the book, men performed better than women on the CPA exam except among the 50 – 54 age […]