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Grant Thornton Has a Fight Song and It’s As Awful As You Might Expect

Grant Thornton is in the anniversary mood and wants its people to get on board, too. In that spirit, they are looking for staff to make their best GT fight song video.

Show your Grant Thornton spirit!
To help us celebrate our 90th anniversary, we’re pleased to launch Grant Thornton’s Got Talent — a contest in which you get a chance to perform the Grant Thornton fight song.

Yep, that’s right, Grant Thornton has a fight song. Written in 1965 by William Ray Mette, Sr., a partner from Bloomington, Ill., the song may take you back to another era, but you will find some of its words still ring true.

So, what do you need to do? Create a video of you (and your colleagues) performing the Grant Thornton fight song.

Let your creativity soar by singing the fight song, playing it on an instrument, using props, performing it, dancing or animating your video. Fill your video with as much purple spirit as possible. Videos may include the prerecorded instrumental music of the fight song.

You didn't know Grant Thornton had a fight song? We didn't either. Of course, now that we've heard it, we wish we never had.

I… uh… yeah, I've got nothing. I'm literally speechless.