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Grant Thornton Doubles Down Nationwide on Corporate Doublespeak

Color me baffled, maybe I haven't spent long enough digesting PRspeak.


Does culture then wash it down with a nice, cold glass of Kool-Aid?

Grant Thornton is supposedly holding "All Hands" meeting in all 54 US offices today to ensure the staff are sufficiently brainwashed into thinking this actually means something. Not very dynamic if you ask me.

GT doesn't actually get credit for this concept (in fact, Deloitte prefers the original "culture eats strategy for breakfast" which is probably better since breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we wouldn't want culture going hungry) but in the context of public accounting, it isn't an either/or situation. If culture is to be more than just something would-be interns ask recruiters about, it would be the group-think of an organization, the little voice in your head that asks "what would the organization want me to do?" when you're considering going rogue by doing something stupid like thinking for yourself and not buying into corporate gobbledygook like this. How many of you actually give half a crap about any of this stuff? 1/4th of a crap?

Well, if you find yourself giving 1/8th of a crap, feel free to read this Fast Company piece. But if you find yourself giving even half a percent more of a crap than you went into it giving, click X and come back to GC before it's too late for you, please.