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This Way to CPA Isn’t Too Confident You Can Get By Without Mommy’s Help

Remember that WSJ article we shared last week that talked about over-attached parents going to job interviews with their over-dependent "adult" children? As weird as that was, it appears This Way to CPA thinks you can't function without your mom's help, if their Facebook page is any indication.

Basically, if these graphics are at all representative of their opinion, This Way to CPA holds a very low opinion of this country's future CPAs. Let's take a look, shall we?

You're an idiot who doesn't know how to iron your own shirt:

Your parents really didn't have very high hopes for you (and you're a slob who doesn't put your laundry away):

Your mother sends you "care packages" because you clearly are not capable of going to the store to purchase your own boxes of Easy Mac and teddy bears:

And let's not overlook the totally stereotypical Gen Y bait, "you are a special little snowflake":

I'm facepalming so hard about this campaign, I'd love to call my mom and complain about it but, well, she's dead. ENOUGH ALREADY with this crap, it's gross shilling and I really want to believe most young professionals are not this attached to their parents. They may be young but they are still adults, stop treating them like preschoolers or else I'm going to have to call YOUR mom and tell her to make you stop doing this.