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Going Concern Weekend: Your Weekend Plans

The summer weekends are running out people. So what are you up to? BBQ? Beach? Baseball?
Here’s an email we received late last night:
Check out one accountant’s plans, after the jump

I am working both days this weekend. On top of that, I had to work (although not explicitly enforced) on a holiday. The problem is upper management says all these things about maintaining a healthy balance at work but in reality it can never be realized. They say to eat your lunch in peace but they also say do a boat load of work by the end of the day. No sane human can even take an hour in the middle of a day to do such a thing. The duplicity is beyond annoying. Shitty management across the board. Nothing is sacred to these people except for the revenue generated from a bunch of stupid clients.

Sounds like a party. Are you working this weekend? Let us know what’s going on at [email protected]. If you know someone that is working this weekend, pass this along so we can get the scoop on how much fun they’re having.
10-Q’s are due Monday, Corporate tax deadline is just a month away, sleep is becoming optional but GC is here for you. Let it out. You’ll feel better.