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September 25, 2023

Everybody’s Working on the Weekend

One Deloitte Office Wants Staff To Have a Restful Holiday With Friends, Family, and the Client

We're feeling a strong sense of bitterness coming from the tip box today: I'm an audit senior at Deloitte & Touche and wanted to send along this lovely E-mail every Audit staff member [in my office] received this afternoon.  Note that almost everyone has 10-20 learnings due Jan 4th that we were told to book […]

Here’s What the Weekend Might Look Like If You Work at Moss Adams

Call me crazy but if this is meant to show how flexible the firm is, maybe they shouldn't have mentioned that it was the one nice day Seattle has seen in 15 years and that it happened to be a weekend at that. Now had this been a Tuesday and Colin got to pull out […]

If You Equate Long Hours with Hard Work Then You Aren’t “Committed” But You May Be a Dumbass

In the blood-thirsty world of public accounting, people will do anything to get ahead. While there are a few out there who realize that a life of cubicles, impatient clients, out-of-date laptops, and elaborately designed pivot tables does not constitute life or death, there are many people who spend years of their lives believing otherwise. […]

McGladrey Has a Clear Message For Any Staff with Thoughts of Leaving the Firm

It is common knowledge that very few public accounting grunts go on to make partner. There are a multitude of reasons for that; some people just aren't that driven, most can't put up with the amount of crap required to get to that level in your career and a handful are smart enough to realize […]

Plante & Moran Encourages Employees to Make Tax Season a Family Affair

Plante & Moran, PLLC is encouraging its accountants and staff to bring their children to work on Saturdays during tax season, a tradition the firm has practiced for almost 20 years. The certified public accounting and business advisory firm offers free Saturday daycare in 11 of its Midwest offices – including Grand Rapids – during the height of tax season. Children ages 6 months to 18 are welcome to attend the drop-in program, which offers games, crafts, snacks, activities, movies – and an opportunity to enjoy lunch with Mom or Dad. [P&M]

Going Concern Weekend: Your Weekend Plans

The summer weekends are running out people. So what are you up to? BBQ? Beach? Baseball?
Here’s an email we received late last night:
Check out one accountant’s plans, after the jump

I am working both days this weekend. On top of that, I had to work (although not explicitly enforced) on a holiday. The problem is upper management says all these things about maintaining a healthy balance at work but in reality it can never be realized. They say to eat your lunch in peace but they also say do a boat load of work by the end of the day. No sane human can even take an hour in the middle of a day to do such a thing. The duplicity is beyond annoying. Shitty management across the board. Nothing is sacred to these people except for the revenue generated from a bunch of stupid clients.

Sounds like a party. Are you working this weekend? Let us know what’s going on at [email protected]. If you know someone that is working this weekend, pass this along so we can get the scoop on how much fun they’re having.
10-Q’s are due Monday, Corporate tax deadline is just a month away, sleep is becoming optional but GC is here for you. Let it out. You’ll feel better.