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Fulfill 150 credit CPA requirement and accounting career, help…

Hello, I am a first time poster here.

My background:

1. Got my B.A. in accounting in 2014 with 129 credits in total and high GPA.

2. Didn't have internship with big four or other big corporations, mainly local firms. 

2. Passed the CPA exam in 2015. 

3. Currently working in a small local accounting firm dealing with taxes and bookkeeping. -> to fulfill the 1 year experience requirment for CPA

4. Also begin pursuing my MS accounting while working full time.  ->to fulfull the 150 credits requirement for CPA


First of all, I am not really interested in accounting.  Just indifferent about it.  It really took me long time to think about whether I should go for a MS in accounting or just take some undergraduate level courses to fulfill the 150 credits requiremnet to be a CPA. Eventually I decided to go for a MS when I didn't know which to choose.   

I was given three option for it before. 

(1) go to community college to take some courses because it is faster and cheapter.  

(2) go for a second undergraduate degree. 

(3) go for a master degree.  


My current feelings/worries/concerns about MS accounting:

1. My undergraduate and graduate school are at same college.  Within 10 required courses for graduate student, I completed 3 courses as an undergraduate student. However, I am still required to take 3 alternative courses for that.  My college doesn't have many graduate elective courses for me to choose and some elective courses open only at particular semester.  We only have 1 graduate advisor for all accounting gradaute students.  I didn't get a good chance and time to talk to him about choosing course and etc..

2. I feel graduate course is harder than undergraduate, not because of its material.  The way professor conduct course materials makes the course difficult.  They tend to teach course material in a more research and analytical way.  Just not practical… I also feel like MS accounting is designed for training future accounting professor.    It requires me to put lots of effort and time which I feel like I am just playing the game….  After leaving school for about 1 year and working full time, I gradually believe experience and skill weight more than education and degree… I even have a thought to just take some courses in undergrudate so I can earn enough credits quicklly.  

3. It will take about 2 years or longer for me to complete my gradaute degree according to my own estimation.  My current goal is to get my CPA license as quick as possible. In addition, my family wish I could use these 2 years effectively and efficiently.. which is go to big4.  I am afraid of disappointing them.  All my life, I don't know what my dream is and I am a goalless person. …  

Sorry for my random words and nonsense.  I don't have clear thoughts now. Thank you for reading.