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Fudging an MBA Application

I was wondering if you guys had any advice for me. I am currently finishing up my 1st year in B4 Risk Advisory on the West Coast. It's mostly Internal Audit and Compliance work. I'm pretty good at it and I'm really well liked and regarded by my Managers and MDs. Nevertheless, I really do not like the work I am doing and in all honesty – I really do not like accounting in general.

I have been staffed on a  couple of non-accounting advisory projects and I've found them substantially more interesting. If possible, I'd like to move to a non-B4 consultancy firm with a bigger focus on operations and strategy work rather than SOX and Direct Audit Assit.

So I am gearing up to submit my MBA application for Round-1 at many top 15 MBA programs. However, I am under the impression that Big 4 and Internal Audit expereince is not exactly the most sought after background by top-tier MBA programs.

At the moment, my basic stats are the following:
GMAT: 740
Undergrad GPA: 3.5 (STEM – Flagship State School)
MAC GPA: 3.7 (Top 20 MAC Program)
B4 Work Expereince by time of Marticulation:  2.5 years
International Expereince: 3 brief (1 week) projects overseas

I am thinking about just stretching the truth on my application about the actual "Risk" work I do day to day. Essentially, I plant to significantly oversell my non-risk assurance projects as the main focus of my job and hope they don't ask for my group name. So the question I have is – how unadvisable is this?

Input is highly appricated.