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Is the CPA Exam Giving You Nightmares?

A fellow candidate puts this out to you to see if anyone else is psychologically affected by the process of studying for the CPA exam:

Ever since I started studying for the CPA exam, I’ve been consistently having these weird dreams where I am trying to memorize random nonsensical rules. Then I generally wake up feeling pretty stressed, having not been able to get them all down. Last night’s was something about boy scouts selling popcorn door-to-door being illegal in certain situations. I’m studying for FAR right now, but I just took REG last week.

Jesus, it sounds like you’re studying FAR. Present value tables can drive anyone a bit nuts after too long, so might I start by suggesting you avoid studying before bed? I had that problem once reading “In Fed We Trust” right up until I went to sleep and trust me, it was a nightmare that followed.

As for you? Boy Scouts actually carry some significance, according to the Dream Moods dream dictionary (take it or leave it, depending on what you believe):

Your own experience as a boy scout will definitely affect this dream symbol. If you were never a boy scout and dream that you are, then it signifies your commitment and discipline toward some task. The dream may emphasize a sense of community, belonging, and helpfulness.

To see a boy scout in your dream, denotes that you or someone else has displayed exemplary behavior. You will gain the ranks necessary to achieve your goals and success.

I don’t think the interpretation could be much clearer.

There’s also an entry for popcorn:

To eat or make popcorn in your dream, suggests positive growth. You are full of ideas. Some important fact or truth is being made aware to you through the dream. If the popcorn is unpopped, then it symbolizes potential.

Sounds to me like the best thing you can do is somehow convince yourself that you know what you are doing, have studied and don’t need to write down every single nonsensical rule, dreaming or not. Politely decline the popcorn from the dreamy Boy Scouts anyway just in case it is illegal and snooze for another 10 minutes.