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Friday Footnotes: Maine Gov’s Stand Against King; IT Nightmares; New Google CFO’s Comp Package | 03.27.15

Ex-accountant of famous Princeton Triangle Club admits $240K theft []

LePage: I didn’t say Stephen King doesn’t pay taxes, so no apology [PPH]

Gun owned by agent who toppled Capone headed to Vegas museum Stored for decades in attics, closets and a bank safe-deposit box in New Jersey, the gun belonging to former IRS agent Michael Malone – and possibly used by members of Al Capone's gang – is headed to Las Vegas, where it will be part of an the exhibit at The Mob Museum beginning in mid-April. [AP]

"It's Not My Job to Plug Things In," and Other Nightmare IT Stories [Gizmodo]

Skoda Minotti Sued over Credit Union Audits [AT]

Google Greets New CFO Porat With $70M Pay Package [CFO]

The IRS-impersonator-scammer community seems to be seeking improved productivity through automation. A robo-call to my house yesterday threatened us with dire consequences, including being sued, for unpaid taxes if we didn’t immediately call a New York City phone number — presumably with credit card and bank account information so they could loot our savings. [Tax Update]

*sigh* [via r/accounting]

Bacon-crazed Michigan woman shot up McDonald’s over mixed-up order [NYDN]