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Friday Footnotes: Don’t Go Nuts at PwC; Bullied KPMGers’ Fresh Start; Best Firms For the Youths | 11.1.19

KPMG duo who quit amid bullying fallout make senior hires at new firm [Financial News] Two ex-KPMG partners, who set up their own consultancy after leaving the Big Four accounting firm over its handling of complaints of bullying, have lured two former executives from their old employer to the new venture. Maggie Brereton and Ina Kjaer set up Eos Deal Advisory in September following six months of gardening leave. They have now appointed Shilpa Thanki-Green as Eos’s chief operating officer and Tomas Zalagenas as chief financial officer.

Is the American Tax System Regressive? [NPR] [T]he American tax system, taken as a whole, and including state and local taxes, is not progressive, meaning it does not tax the rich more than the middle class or working poor. Instead, they write in their book, when you include the totality of taxes, “The US tax system is a giant flat tax—except at the top, where it’s regressive.” That is, the rich now pay a smaller tax rate on their income than everyone else.

EY again rated #1 most attractive professional services employer by Universum [In-cyprus] Well this is awkward, considering that whole “pancake brain” thing: “EY scored highest among other professional services employers for professional training and development, opportunities to take on challenging work and for being a good reference for future careers.

Competition for talent drives CPA firms to start early with offers, internships [Buffalo Business First] Subscription required to hear about how hard firms are gunning for top talent.

Meet the 2019 Best Firms for Young Accountants [Accounting Today] Each year, Accounting Today and Best Companies Group recognizes the 100 Best Firms to Work For in the U.S. — and this year we also picked the 10 Best Firms for Young Accountants from among those based on the responses of their younger staff to a comprehensive employee survey.

Deloitte Peeks Into The Future, Details Four TV/Video Scenarios [TV Technology] Overall, Deloitte’s scenarios paint a picture of digital platform companies being the major disruptors in the industry, while broadcasters and content producers face the most potential change. They argue that broadcasters and content producers can’t rely on their current market positions. Instead, they need to be open in creating alliances, even with direct competitors. Investment in technological skills will also be critical.

PwC grows its mental wellbeing commitment with partnership [] Mental health technology company Medibio is helping out PwC employees with their psychological welfare following an agreement signed between the two firms. Medibio’s support will come in the form of access to its data-driven corporate mental wellness application Ilumen.

Stitch Fix’s Material Weakness Over IT Controls Spotlighted Under New Audit Rule [Wall Street Journal] Stitch Fix Inc. is expanding its internal information-technology controls after identifying weaknesses in how the online personal-styling service reported financial performance. The issue, related to outsourced information-technology service providers, was flagged by the San Francisco company’s independent auditor in October—one of the starkest examples of how a new audit rule is training a spotlight on companies’ hairiest internal issues.