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Footnotes: What’s Changed Since ’86?; Improper EITC Payments; Accounting Rock Stars | 10.22.13

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TIGTA: IRS Made $133 Billion in Improper EITC Payments in Past Decade, 25% Error Rate Violates Executive Order [TaxProf]

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Predictable Uncertainty in State and Local Taxes [CFO]

Madoff Had No Rules for Credit Card Use, Jury Told [Bloomberg]
Angie Grissom and Scott Bradbary of The Rainmaker Companies gave an entertaining keynote speech at Accounting Today’s Growth & Profitability Summit on Monday comparing how many accounting firms can effectively act like rock bands. Starting the keynote address with some riffs from an AC/DC song playing on the loudspeaker, they took turns pointing out how firm can be like rock bands, with a lead singer to represent the face of the firm, a guitarist to provide the melody, a drummer to keep the beat at the firm, and a bassist to provide the rhythm. They pointed out that every rock band started out as a garage band, just as many firms start out small and grow. “How many of you early on wanted to be an accountant?” Grissom asked. “You are rock stars. You already have an exciting job.” [AT]
Woman jailed in squirt gun attack in Port St. Lucie [WPTV]
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